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Last Updated on => 24/10/2000 13:37

                    Here are a few links to some of the coolest websites round the world. If you know any such interesting site, mail me about it.


                 For individual player pages, check out the world cricket link below.

         -  Indian Cricket

                 CricInfo  -  World Cricket

         -  Sports in General 


            These are the best sites you can find Made in India.

  1.  This one is strictly for car lovers. All Indian cars are mentioned and there are some comparison tests too. In the chat room you can voice your opinions on anything and everything related to cars.

  2. - This site contains comprehensive information which is invaluable when travelling in India. There is detailed factual information on hotels, modes of travelling, and costs. Some very well written articles highlight various individual travelling experiences.

  3.        IndiaBookshop.comThis site allows you to order books and magazines online. It affords a wide selection of publications and the prices are reasonable.

  4. An undercurrent of completely wacky humour makes this site a must-visit. Though sections like Brain-damage and Ghost Post sound bizarre, they provide links to some very unusual and interesting pages.

  5. - Finally, one for the movie-buffs. One of the few sites that provide quality information on the latest happenings in Bolly-land, Indiatalkies features the mandatory photo-gallery from where you can download pictures of your favourite stars, and carries star interviews that are somewhat better than those conducted by other film-magazines and e-zines.

  6. - If you like Yash Chopra films, you'll like this site, I promise. The selection of colour and black-and-white pictures in the Archives section is especially evocative of past memories. There is a section on the latest happenings, a fans section, and a section that has information on distributors and exhibitors.


            CNET Gamecenter  -  The best for computer gamers.

    -  The latest free downloads.

            Batchmates  -  Find school and college friends.


                Given below are the URL's to the top 2 websites of 1999 considering their presentation and interface. (These pages may take a bit more time to download.)



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