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                    Here are a few links to some of the coolest websites round the world. If you know any such interesting site, mail me about it.


                 For individual player pages, check out the world cricket link below.

          -  Indian Cricket

                 CricInfo  -  World Cricket

         -  Sports in General 


                  Mumbai Mart  -  About Mumbai

                 Itihaas  -  Indian History

                   Hindi Music MP3's

                 IndiaTimes  -  News


             Each of these search engines have different specialties, which  make them stand out from the rest.

                  Rediff Online  -  Maximum matching results.

                  Ask Jeeves  -  It displays the top ten matching results

                    from the top search engines on the net.

                  HotBot  -  This is maybe the fastest of the lot.


              CNET Gamecenter  -  The best for computer gamers.

          -  The latest free downloads.

                  Batchmates  -  Find school and college friends.


                Given below are the URL's to the top 2 websites of 1999 considering their presentation and interface. (These pages may take a bit more time to download.)