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  Thank You for visiting my Homepage. I hope you like it.


                    Hi folks. Welcome to my Homepage. I'm Nikhil Dandekar from Mumbai, India.

A little about myself

               For those who don't know me, I'm 18 years old & presently studying at D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, VileParle     ( East ). I'm doing my First Year Engineering in Information Technology.

The things I like

              My interests include sports, especially cricket, software programming, reading etc. I also like to play computer games & surf the net.


              Now I'm a cricket crazy type of an average Mumbaite and thus couldn't resist myself from including a page devoted to cricket which includes my ratings and a few pics. To view the page just click on the link on the top  of this page

 If you want to contact me

                    For comments, suggestions, information or anything else here's my mail address. And don't forget to sign my guestbook so that I can keep a track of who all visited my page.

           Mail me at

            Residential Address -

        Nikhil Dandekar

          2/17, Nav Sarvoday C-H-S,

          A. W. Vartak Road, VileParle (East),

          Mumbai - 400057

          Maharashtra, INDIA                       

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Summing up 

               This page is still under construction. So come back later to find added features. Any suggestions from you about my web page are welcome. Bye !!

( This page doesn't have any of my pics cause I don't have one. I just hope this reduces the downloading time. )